Where To Look For Key Issues In Job Negotiation

Does the job satisfy your intellectual needs, creativity, and natural curiosity? If you’re planning to mention all the options you have as leverage, you should balance that by saying why—or under what conditions—you would be happy to forgo those options and accept an offer. If you are new to the position, for example, chances are that you already have some of the required skills but are developing others. Ask for things like a matching contribution to your 401k, additional paid time off, or even a defined travel stipend. If you do not successfully negotiate and decide to decline the offer after taking time to reconsider, let the employer know that you do not plan to accept their offer and thank them for their time. The negotiation process is an opportunity to define, communicate, and achieve what you want out of your job offer. Can unused days be converted into cash?  Get everything in writing. ContinueThese questions separate out when you’ll be evaluated and when you’ll be eligible for a raise.

job negotiation

What Employers Must Do to Land Tech Talent The competition for tech professionals is fierce, so employers must be prepared to offer above-average compensation, flexible hours and innovative projects. Powerful Innovation 46% of the IT decision-makers surveyed said artificial intelligence will make the biggest impact of all IT niches, while 23% cited 3D printing. Top IT Recruitment Drivers 26% of the respondents said salary is the top factor in attracting and retaining top tech talent, and 23% mentioned advancement opportunities. Show Me the Money! 42% of respondents said IT employees expect a salary that is higher than the market average for their role. Questionable Priorities 63% said tech workers are more concerned with salary and total compensation than the stability and longevity of their employer. Workplace Perks 54% of IT leaders said tech employees are more concerned about flexible hours, free snacks and other unconventional benefits than salary. Most Hard-to-Find Soft Skills Team work and interpersonal skills: 31%, Communication skills: 26%, Adaptability: 14%, Problem-solving: 14%, Critical observation: 14% Most Hard-to-Find Tech Skills Security and critical infrastructure: 22%, Project management: 21%, Quality assurance: 18%, Programming: 13%, Design: 12% Influential Issues 45% of the respondents said policies and politics regarding cyber-security will have the most impact on the tech industry, while 24% cited privacy policies. Vulnerable Areas 40% said external threats represent their company’s biggest security concern, while 20% cited the storage of big data. Balancing Act 41% of IT leaders said age is the biggest challenge to diversity in the tech industry, while 28% cited gender and 21% mentioned ethnicity.

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job negotiation

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