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selection process

selection process

Comment on what the candidate says to let them know you are interested and to encourage discussion. It is to your advantage to avoid putting words in the mouth of a reference. It is recommended that you donor this request until such time as the candidate is a finalist for the position. The selection committee may decide that interviews are not necessary and make the decision to fill the vacancy based on written applications and referee reports only. a knockout postWhen the determination is made, applications are either scored for experience and training or candidates are notified of eligibility to participate in the next level of exams.  The list is valid for 12 months, from the date that the original vacancy was advertised. Candidates are expected to use common sense and good judgement and to make assumptions they believe are appropriate in responding to the hypothetical situations. They may also be found on our Facebook page, on bulletin boards throughout county buildings, in local and regional newspaper advertisements, and on other employment websites. Peer nominations and evaluations are combined with independent research.

Though passengers traveling during the Golden Era could sip free Champagne at the piano bar, flying was a lot less safe then: From 1964 to 1973, for example, U.S. airlines had an average of seven fatal accidents per year. So the next time youre at 30,000 feet with your knees pressed to your chin, at least you can take comfort in the fact that chances are still excellent youll arrive at your destination safely and soundlyalbeit in need of a good massage. Our Fight to Improve Air Travel Consumers Union , the policy and mobilization arm of Counsumer Reports, is working with legislators and regulators in Washington, D.C., on a variety of airline safety and customer-service initiatives. Heres a brief rundown: Mandating Seat Sizes Consumers Union has joined with legislators and other advocates seeking to require the Federal Aviation Administration to impose minimum size and space standards for seats on U.S. airlines, because both leg room and seat width have shrunk while average passenger loads have soared. Its about more than just passenger comfort, says William J. McGee, an airline expert who works with Consumers Union. There are serious health and safety concerns, including the risk of deep vein thrombosis and the risk that passengers wont be able to evacuate safely in an emergency. Airfare Transparency For years, Consumers Union has called for full transparency of airline pricing and advocated for measures that would make it easier to obtain an airfares total cost, inclusive of fees for checked baggage and other amenities. Protecting Infants In 2010, McGee represented Consumers Union as a passenger advocate on the Department of Transportations Future of Aviation Advisory Committee. He recommended that the FAA ban lap childrenkids under 2 who are allowed to fly without proper restraints.

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